Publication Beamlines Strategic Pillar
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Erin Renee Kope (2017). Elucidating the Relationship between Boron Coordination Chemistry and Uranium Mineralization in the Thelon Basin, Nunavut using XANES Spectroscopy. Supervisor: Banerjee, Neil R.; Van Loon, Lisa L.. Ontario, Canada: Western University. . CLS-APS, VLS-PGM Environment
Harris; Nicola (2017). Hypersaline Potash Mine Tailings and Brine: Microbial Communities and Metal Biosorption Applications. Supervisor: Chang, Won Jae; McBeth, Joyce M. SK, Canada: University of Saskatchewan. CMCF-BM Environment
Keith; Jay D. (2017). Realization of a Canine Positioning Device for in Situ Prostate Phase Contrast - Computed Tomography Imaging. Supervisor: Pettitt, Murray; Snead, Elisabeth. Saskatchewan, Canada: University of Saskatchewan. BMIT-BM, BMIT-ID Materials